Dark Heresy : Agents of the Mechanicus

Almost every ship in the flotilla is less than a century old. The crews have boarded, the supplies are loaded, and each and every plasma drive is thrumming with anticipation. As the Fabricator General finishes the last rites aboard the command vessel, the machine spirits report their readiness to the engineseers.

The explorator fleet is ready to take off.

Players in this campaign will work as the priests, tech-guard, and other various agents of the Mechanicus aboard an Explorator fleet searching for lost technologies and galactic secrets. Homebrew careers are available that allow characters to choose certain careers such as arbitrator, assassin, and guardsman that (with the Omnissiah’s blessing) possess similar, if diluted features and powers like those gifted to the Tech Priests of Mars.

The campaign will meet online via IRC, and the game will likely begin in February if enough players are found.

Please use this website, or my email address if you can find it, to respond and sign up for this campaign.

The Machine Spirits are waiting.

Guardians of the Dark Ages